Saying Goodbye To Bullying on Alternative Talk 1150 KKNW-AM In Seattle

On Alternative Talk 1150 KKNW-AM in Seattle, Dr. Jamie Turndorf and Jef Gazley, LMFT, will discuss our national epidemic of bullying, exposes its causes and revealing its cures.
On the Ask Dr. Love show airing on Alternative Talk 1150 KKNW-AM in Seattle, Dr. Jamie Turndorf will be discussing the bullying epidemic in our society, revealing its causes and prescribing its cures. Joining Dr. Turndorf will be Jef Gazley, LMFT, who will help shed light on the relationship between family dysfunction and bullying.

Dr. Turnorf explains that those who bully were themselves bullied as children. Because the bullied child is too frightened to share his/her scared, weak, helpless and angry feelings with his/her abuser, the pain gets shoved under the emotional rug. But since these feelings can't be kept down forever, the bullied child ends up releasing his/her pain by depositing it onto others. Bullied children dump their pent up pain on weaker siblings or schoolmates. And, as adults, these same victims dump their pain onto their helpless children or spouses.  

Dr. Turndorf also reveals that in distressed intimate relationships, scapegoating has the effect of creating a unified front against the enemy. By joining forces against a child, partners unconsciously attempt to cement their fraying bond at a child’s expense.

The ultimate solution to end the epidemic of bullying is for all of us to have the strength to take ownership of our feelings of weakness, hurt, sadness and anger, and work them through, rather than dump our pain onto others.

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Jef Gazley, LMFT, founder of the popular Website, is a practicing counseler and hypnotherapist specializing in marriage, dysfunctional families, and substance abuse.

Anyone in the Seattle ares interesting in finding out more about the causes of and cures for bullying in our society should be sure to tune into Alternative Talk 1150 KKNW-AM In Seattle on Saturday March 2rd and Sunday March 3rd at 11pm (PST) for the Ask Dr. Love show.

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